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​Excimer laser repair service

Quanchen Technology Co., Ltd. provides excimer laser system maintenance, refurbishment, relocation services and excimer laser technical services according to customer needs. It has established a clean room R&D laboratory and maintenance factory in Taiwan. It has excimer laser equipment Safety inventory of laser system parts. Available wavelengths include 193nm, 248nm, 308nm and other commonly used excimer lasers.

In response to market demand, the R&D team takes the lead in developing the components required by customers. Through our years of R&D experience in various metal and ceramic materials, processing technology, composite materials and laser optical grade lenses, etc., we integrate technology and introduce The latest technology is applied to excimer laser systems to meet the laser maintenance needs of the market

Laser product maintenance technology development, successfully developed products locally in Taiwan, and achieved the high-tech products and services required by customers. When product development matured, it also entered overseas international markets, including Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, etc. Local service bases provide immediate response services. 

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