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About RichEnergy 

RichEnergy Technology Co., Ltd.

RichEnergy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. The operation of the enterprise relies on the establishment of professionalism and value, coupled with the hard-working and down-to-earth spirit, and doing things seriously step by step is the foundation for the sustainable operation of the enterprise, and Quanchen also It is in accordance with this concept to accumulate professional strength in a serious and pragmatic way and continuously create services with innovative value, so that we can establish a good reputation and reputation in the high-tech industry. Quanchen adheres to the consistent philosophy of "Integrity, Service, Innovation, Excellence" and is guided by market demand and customer service. In particular, we have a solid professional technical service team and an effective and real-time logistics operation system to provide high-quality and efficient professional services. Value-added services, adhering to the primary mission of being "the most trustworthy and innovative local service provider (local service provider) in the high-tech field", through effective resource integration, deep cultivation and specialization in the local area We provide professional services to meet the real needs of customers and create a situation of mutual assistance and mutual prosperity with customers and partners. We firmly believe that Quanchen’s professionalism and value can continue to increase the competitive advantage of our customers and partners, work together to open up more markets, and pursue innovative and sustainable growth. We hope that Quanchen can continue to play an important role in the high-tech industry every step of the way in the future. Contribute the highest value and do our part in development.

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Excimer laser technology maintenance services

RichEnergy Technology Co., Ltd. provides excimer laser system maintenance, refurbishment, relocation services and excimer laser technical services according to customer needs. It has established a clean room R&D laboratory and maintenance factory in Taiwan. It has excimer laser equipment Safe stocking of laser system parts. New wavelengths available include 193nm, 248nm, 308nm and other commonly used excimer lasers. In response to market demand, the R&D team takes the lead in developing the components needed by customers. Through our years of R&D experience, our company has Type metal and ceramic materials, processing technology, composite materials and laser optical grade lenses, etc., integrate technology, and introduce the latest technology into excimer laser systems to meet the market's laser maintenance needs. Laser product maintenance technology development , successfully developed products locally in Taiwan to achieve the high-tech products and services required by customers. When product development matured, it also entered overseas international markets, including Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, etc., with local service bases to provide Immediate response service. 

Technical service items: 

  • Excimer laser system maintenance and repair services

  • Excimer Laser System Renovation and Renovation

  • Excimer laser system system relocation

  • Sales of excimer laser system equipment parts and consumables

  • Customized component development project

Excimer laser repair model wavelength:

193nm, 248nm, 308nm

Total solution for Excimer Laser Systems

- Excimer laser repair

- Laser lift off

- Laser Annealing



- Excimer Laser Gases

- Excimer Laser Optics

- Excimer Laser tube refurbishment

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