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Laser system applications

System product application of solid-state laser and excimer laser technology, providing customized integration solutions for laser precision machining processes. The technology of using laser light sources requires the design of precision optical systems and the selection of the correct laser light source. Highly stable and high-precision positioning platform integration, system integration and optimization in precision laser processing systems that comply with the manufacturing process.

  • Mechanical system design/development

  • Application software control development

  • Optical lens system design/development

  • Laser light source integration

  • High-precision positioning system light source integration

Process application: Excimer laser tempering ELA, DPSS laser scribing (Laser Cutting, Laser scribing), laser drilling (Laser Drilling), laser pattern processing (Laser Patterning), laser metal drilling, laser Laser Cutting, Laser Edge Deletion, Laser Clean, Laser Ablation (LLO, Laser Lift-Off, LDB, Laser DeBonding / Laser ablation)

High-precision application products: FPD panel display (LTPS, SLS, OLED, AMOLED, Micr-LED Display), IGBT, CMOS sensor, X-Ray Sensor, GaN LED, photovoltaic solar energy (PV Solar), semiconductor (Semiconductor), electronic paper (E Paper)

Laser type: UV laser (266nm, 355nm), green laser (532nm), red laser (1064nm), femto laser (Femto laser), picosecond laser (Pico Laser), disc Laser (DISC Laser), fiber laser (Fiber Laser), excimer laser (Excimer Laser)

Optical system: Excimer laser tube window, beam splitter, OC lens, laser tempering window (Annealing window, Sealing window, Projection window)

Classified according to the status of active media, it is divided into the following categories: 

  • Gas laser: CO2 Laser, HeNe Laser

  • Solid state laser: Ruby Laser, Nd:Yag, Yb:Yag Laser

  • Semiconductor laser: Laser made of Group 35 semiconductors and Group 26 semiconductors (may be classified as solid-state laser)

  • Liquid laser: Dye Laser dye laser

  • Others: EXCIMER Laser,  or can be classified as gas laser, Photonic crystal lasers; Free electron lasers in the X-ray band 

Various newly developed lasers are also named differently according to their special properties, such as DISC Laser, Fiber Laser, Femto Laser, Pico Laser

It is also called according to the wavelength: red laser, green laser, ultraviolet laser UV Laser, NUV,  DUV, extreme ultraviolet laser EUV 

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