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Excimer laser optical lenses

​Excimer laser optical lenses

Compared with the common laser lenses on the market, excimer laser optical lenses have different material selections, grinding technology and coating materials, coating technology, and other high-end specifications. However, they can be used in high-end, high-quality and stable excimer lasers. There are only a handful of manufacturers in the field of advanced lens applications. As mentioned above, there are many composite professional suppliers to provide suitable products for the market.

Material selection: Fused Silica, MgF2, CaF2. In addition to selecting applicable materials, the quality varies depending on the material supplier. The influencing parameters include material purity, impurity content, transmittance, refractive index, etc.

Grinding processing: processing appearance, angle, curvature, grinding accuracy, surface flatness, surface scratches and other important parameters

Coating process: important parameters such as coating materials, coating equipment, coating principles, coating parameter formulas, etc.

Our suppliers already have the above complete technical solutions and provide suitable application products.

Why are excimer laser lenses different from other laser lenses? The main reason is that they operate in the DUV deep ultraviolet light band, so there are challenges with material service life, coating peeling off, low penetration, etc. In addition, they are exposed to gas in the laser cavity. Facing the use of highly reactive chemical gases, it is a major test for the stability of coating quality.

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Excimer Laser Annealing window

Excimer Laser Annealing Window

Excimer Laser Sealing Window

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Excimer Laser Optics

  • OC Lenses

  • Excimer Laser Mirror

  • Beam Splitter

  • Windows

  • Homogenizer

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 Excimer laser cavity window mirror

Quartz Windows

Sapphire Windows

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OC HR Oprics

Material: CaF, MgF

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