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Laser Lift Off System

Laser Lift Off system for MicroLED

Laser Lift off Lab kit  / 

LLO ==> Laser Lift-Off

Laser Lift-Off (LLO), in which lasers are used to peel off devices formed by exposure processes from the back of the substrate in the post-processing of flexible displays, LED manufacturing and ultra-thin silicon wafer manufacturing. For ablative bonding layers (e.g., polyimide), substrates using transmitted lasers (e.g., glass and sapphire) can form a peelable interface immediately after laser irradiation.

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Laser Lift off Lab kit

Laser lift-off process applications

Device application

  • Stripping process for flexible/flexible OLEDs

  • Stripping process for electronic paper

  • Lift-off process applied to ultra-thin silicon wafers

  • Lift-off process for organic semiconductor devices

  • LLO lift-off process for flexible devices as sensors and detectors

System features

Use a DPSS UV laser with a special optical unit to illuminate the workpiece with a uniform beam

By moving the X-Y stage to the LLO for research and development purposes in the overall area of the workpiece.

  • Ultra-cheap, ultra-small system

  • For use with 100V AC only. (less than 15A)

  • Custom laser cutting options

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Organix Semiconductor

Laser Lift off

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Laser Debonding system for Semiconductor

Semiconductor Components & LED LLO

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LDB Lab kit LSL-10

Laser Debonding Lab kit

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LDB Lab kit LSL-10

Laser Debonding Lab kit

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