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Metal Matrix Composites

Nippon Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd. Metal Matrix Composite MMC is a composite material that combines metal matrix and ceramic-based reinforced materials to achieve better physical properties. It can maintain the original shape and weight of the product, improve its rigidity, and maintain the original shape of the product. There are steel properties to reduce weight or better heat dissipation performance to meet the various needs of customers.

According to the physical property requirements, metal-ceramic composite materials combine the types of metals and ceramics with materials in the best way (arbitrary combination technology), and have unparalleled characteristics of traditional metal materials and ceramic materials. Based on MMC products Based on the actual needs of the industry, we improve equipment components and enhance the performance of production equipment to achieve a faster, more stable and more sophisticated production line, including the supply of advanced engineering ceramic composite materials and finished product processing services.

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MMC is divided into casting method and infiltration method according to different materials.

Also classified according to different material ratios: 001, 301, 401, 501, 701, 702...

Recommendations for processing equipment due to different materials

  • Mainly ceramic processing tools

  • The processing equipment is recommended to be 5 series and 7 series, mainly ceramic processing equipment for processing.

  • Material control prohibits use in the field of military weapons

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