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excimer laser gas

Excimer Laser Gases

Selection of excimer laser gas, different gases will be injected into the laser cavity according to different laser wavelengths

  • 308nm: HCL + XE

  • 248nm:KrF

  • 193nm: ArF

In addition, the cleaning and purification in the cavity is assisted by Helium gas or Neon gas.

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excimer laser gas

Our company imports high-purity rare gases: krypton, neon and xenon, and provides high-purity excimer laser mixed gases to meet customer needs. High-purity special gases are mainly used for excimer laser gas gas products. Lithography process in semiconductor manufacturing. Applied to major brands of excimer laser equipment: CYMER, Gigaphoton, COHERENT, Lambda Physik. LED optoelectronics and LCD panel display manufacturing processes. The application fields are in low-temperature polysilicon and AMOLED, AMEPD manufacturing. ELA laser tempering process and Lift Off peeling process are used in the manufacturing of new generation flexible displays. Including ultra-thin glass substrates Durable Display, Bendable Display and plastic substrates Flexible Display, Disposable Display As well as many new technology applications such as Transparent-Flexible Display.

Laser elemental analysis spectrometer equipment. Application equipment in isotope separation, photochemistry, medicine, biology, microelectronics industry laser drilling and cutting equipment. Equipment application for excimer laser treatment of myopia, vision correction surgery and skin treatment.

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