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Excimer laser products

Excimer laser model

​Lambda Steel Series, LSX Series, LPX Series and Pro Type, COMPex Series

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Excimer Laser System
Lambda Series
Lambda Steel Series

- L1000
- L2000

Excimer Laer System
Lambda SX/LSX Series

-LSX 200C
-LSX 315C

Excimer Laser System
LPX Series
COMPex Series

-LPX 100
-LPX 200/Pro
-LPX 300/Pro
-Compex 100
-Compex 200

​Excimer laser maintenance technical service

Complete laser system maintenance solution

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Excimer Laser Gases

- Excimer Laser Gases for wavelength 308nm, 248nm, 193nm

- 308nm, HCL / Xe / Neon

- 248nm, KrF Gases, Mix gases M96H

- 193nm, ArF Gases, Mix gases M98H

Excimer Laser Optics

- Excimer Laser Laser Tube Windows
- Excimer Laser Annealing Windows
- Excimer Laser Optics
- Excimer Laser BDS / Beam delivery system

Excimer Laser Parts Repair Service

- Excimer Laser Tube Refurbishment
- HVPS High voltage power supply
- HVPS 802 Series, LC1202 Series
- HHT / KEBA KeTop C50 Repair
- Beam Shutter Repair
- GP CRYO Repair / Refurbishment
- Thyrtron Supply Power Module Repair
- Trigger Board Repair

RichEnergy Technology service and systems for Excimer Laser products, Excimer Laser system, Excimer Laser Applications

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