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BREWISTA Chinese name meaning extraction expert


At the end of 2016, it officially introduced the famous American brand BREWISTA's professional coffee hand brewing equipment products, and agents in Taiwan provide after-sales warranty services. In 2016, LayGrand Group combined modern aesthetics, simple fashion and oriental ancient charm and other design elements, and the group reallocated its resources. and definition, while retaining the original BONAVITA brand product design ideas, it has sublimated and transformed into the "BONAVITA Pro concept" - defining it as Brewista. In this way, BONAVITA - committed to innovative concepts in coffee and tea, has perfectly evolved into Brewista - experiencing the fun brought by coffee and tea.

Brewista is divided into two parts: Brewista and Brewista Artisan (artisan version). It includes three major sections: coffee brewing, coffee aesthetics and cold brew coffee.

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